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Totally Tubular Eyeshadow Palette

Totally Tubular Eyeshadow Palette

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Get ready to transport your gaze back to the neon-soaked days of the 80s with our "Totally Tabular" Eyeshadow Palette! This vibrant collection is a kaleidoscope of electrifying hues, bringing the essence of that iconic era to your makeup routine. Packed with bold and bright shades, each color is a nod to the neon lights, pop culture, and funky fashion trends that defined the 80s. From rad retro blues to totally tubular pinks, this palette is your ticket to creating eye-catching, head-turning looks. Unleash your inner trendsetter and dive into the nostalgia with the Totally Tabular Eyeshadow Palette – where every shade is a statement and every look is a flashback to the glam of the 80s!


Row 1: Rain, Radical, Bueller, Baby
Row 2: Mode, Heathers, Sixteen, Wake Me Up
Row 3: Maverick, Chameleon, Righteous, Goonie
Row 4: Molly, Material Girl, Rapsody, Wild Boys
Row 5: Magnolias, Bogus, Bowie, Reflex
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